How do I prevent acne

1. Observe strict facial hygiene by cleaning the face properly at least twice or three times a day for oily skin, have a special towel for the face and keep it clean always.

2. Avoid using too much skin oil such as coconut oil and olive oil as they can clog pores.

3. Keep pillow cases clean, or spread your special face towel on it before u sleep. Change pillow cases at least once a week and change bed sheets at least once in two weeks. healthy food, avoid excess fat, fries, sugar, and dairy products and they can encourage bacteria growth.

4. Keep you hair away from your face, use satin bonnet to sleep and always pull your hair back.

5.Use a nice face wash that doesn’t dry out the skin oil wash away all the skin’s natural oil.

6. Do not scrub the face too much or too often or white hard or dry scrubs.

7. Discontinue creams that cause you to breakout. Consult your medical professional for change or disco that ion of medication when they cause you to breakout.

5. As tempting as it is, anytime you want to pop your acne, remember that getting rid of scars and dark spots is a worse experience than the pimple themselves.

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